How To Distinct Simple Harmonic Motion And Harmonic Motion?

Motion is all about the period and cycle that are two famous terminologies of physics. Simple harmonic motion is understood as the type of periodic motion where you can understand that restoring force is moving object is proportional to the object’s displacement magnitude that also acts towards the object’s equilibrium positioning.

The motion that repeats itself is understood as harmonic motion. It can be confusing to understand the difference between simple harmonic and harmonic motion, so we are here throwing some light on its aspects for better comprehension.

Simple harmonic motion and harmonic motion!

The motion is a set of harmonic motions, whereas motion repeating itself is understood as the harmonic motion. When looking at the physics equation of the simple harmonic motion, it can be explained as d2dt2=−ω2 x.  X is a parameter that is displacement, an angle, etc. The simplest interpretation of the motion of the mass is pressured for restoring force and also proportional to the displacement of mass fixed to a certain point.

type of periodic motion

Within simple harmonic vs harmonic motion, there are several important properties that are present such as the period of oscillation, which doesn’t vary on the amplitude of motion. In the case of approximation, simple harmonic motion is considerable.

The simplest distinction between harmonic motion and simple harmonic motion is a pendulum. Usually, a simple pendulum is considered under harmonic motion, whereas for small angles of oscillation motion undergoes approximately that undergoes simple harmonic motion.

On the other hand, harmonic motion is any motion that is periodic. You can understand the term with an instance of a kind of square wave that is harmonic. Harmonic simple is known as the simple one and can be constructed mainly as superpositions under shms presented within a variety of frequencies and known as Fourier transform.

Hence, using simple harmonic motion versus harmonic motion is more about the period of frequencies and motion that repeats itself as well. Lastly, it all covers all great motion and frequencies and motion.


In conclusion, we can say that simple harmonic motion, as well as harmonic motion, both fall under physics terminology. Simple harmonic motion is part of the pendulum, whereas harmonic motion is like a square wave that is known as harmonic. Both harmonic and simple harmonic motion covers the motion repetitions as well as frequency waves. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in knowing better about harmonic motion as well as simple harmonic motion.