Creative Tips To Use Double Raw Conversion In Photoshop!

Photoshop is one of the finest tools that come in handy for millions of artists; some are editors, animators, and web designers as well. Double raw conversion is a simple practice that you can conveniently perform in photoshop.

Let us take a look into tips to use double raw conversion in photoshop where you can consider to contrast the practice surely. To attain better information regarding double raw conversion in photoshop, continue reading until the end.

Tips for using double raw conversion in photoshop!

photoshopTo perform the use of double raw conversion in photoshop, you surely need to choose for the perfect steps.

  • Open image in camera raw

The primary step is of double raw conversion that includes opening your image in-camera raw and sending it further to photoshop.

  • Produce a copy of the smart object layer

It is good to produce a copy of the smart object layer; you can do that with cmd/ctrl+j that can work surely for you.

  • Create a desaturated high contrast image

To create a clear look, you better consider to stick with clarity, fill as well as black sliders and minimize the saturation to -100 before you finally get back into photoshop.

  • Adapt blend mode

When you are back in photoshop, you can change the blend mode of black and white, and the smart object layer will be changed to luminosity, where you can encounter contrast and details made to the image.

  • Pick for the black layer mask.

The last step includes, for the final reveal, the contrast and details in parts of the image. The last step includes for black layer mask for hiding the effect and a white brush, paint it all over again to complete the look.

These are simple ways and reasons for using DRC in photoshop is to create promising quality images in no time.