What are the ways to calculate the period of the motion?

Motion graphic is surely one of the finest technologies to work along when creating something interesting. Not many people have mastered the art of motion period, but surely it would be worthwhile to choose for the use of it. Before you actually get started with it, you need to ensure that you know the basics of it.

We are discussing ways to calculate the period of motion for better comprehension of motion graphics and learn how will its final result would be.

Ways to calculate the period of motion!

The periodic motion is easily understood as the motion that repeats itself regularly. A complete repetition of motion is famously known as a cycle, and the duration of each cycle is understood as the period.

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The period is the duration of one cycle in a repeating event where the frequency is the number of cycles per unit time. It would be helpful for one to continue with converting between frequency and period.

Period and frequency

You must have heard about the frequency and period where period and frequency in the physics where these terminologies mainly define the motion of objects. The period is often explained as letter t, and compete for repetition would be called the period, and the complete frequency is listed out the number of cycles of per unit time. For the frequency, the Latin word f is shown and greek letter v (nu). You need to understand the fact that frequency and period are reciprocals of each other.


The unit of frequency is measured in hertz (Hz), which is also named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz, which also an indication for the event repeats once per second.

Before you actually start calculating the period of motion, you need to understand the basics of the motions, which will make it easier to calculate it all.