Easy Tips To Convert My Drawings To Digital!!

The working of a animator is not as easy as you are required to do a pretty good job on paper afterward on the computer. For turning the drawings into digital content, designers need to practice several steps surely.

The sketching is simple, but every designer and illustrator’s workflow needs to remain in check. We are here looking at tips to convert drawings to digital and helping you to create impressive designs easily.

Tips for converting drawings to digital!

The artwork can be easily digitized if you consider following up the right steps, and we are helping you with the best steps to figure it all out.

  1. A clean white paper is a must

It is essential for designers to choose a clean piece of paper before you start to draw any of your designs. It is really easy to scan the drawing appropriately before you actually start with it. However, when you pick for the colored papers, it is not easy to impede on the digitization process.

  1. Refine first

Once you have drawn your necessary paintings, it is really important for you to choose for the top practices, such as refining your sketch. Many artists consider doing it afterward but to have a polished looking sketch doing refining at first will be surely helpful. To scan and interfere with the digitizing process so as to eradicate that problem, it is better for you to opt for refining and proceed further. Ensure that while refining, you are making use of the clean erasers instead of picking the dirty ones.

  1. Tracing paper is the key

sketchingIt is a crucial aspect to choose for the tracing paper that will your drawing a step further. To enhance the drawings of than the original version, it would be helpful for you to opt for tracing paper that is usually a translucent paper. Before moving out to digitization, using tracing paper will surely be helpful that will provide your drawings with a polished look surely.

  1. Use the pen tool for outlining

You can start with the top layer where outlining your sketch with a handy pen tool can be practiced. Editing different curves can be easily practiced during the process.

In the further steps, you need to fill in the color for transforming drawings to digital and helping them into a proper illustration from rough work easily. You can follow up on the above-mentioned steps to transform your sketch into digital work.