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Alter Eco Pacific Products


Organic Black Truffles, Dark Velvet Chocolate, Coral Rice, Unrefined Cane Sugar...

...the Alter Eco range of Fair Trade products reflects diversity: faces, shapes, colors, landscapes, traditions and cultures of the small farmers who cultivate them. Each product has a unique story and an authentic fragrance that will take you on a journey of discovery from the kitchen to the foothills of the Himalayas and beyond.

Taste the difference with delicious organic foods; the result of traditional know-how, and cultivation by small farmers dedicated to safeguarding their cultural heritage and preserving their environment – something that Fair Trade helps them to do. Offering quality products combined with ethical integrity is our recipe for providing socially responsible options for consumers and gourmets alike – right on the shelf!

We hope that you will enjoy our products!

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Alter Eco products (inclusive full line of chocolate bars) now available via

(National distribution)
Phone: 1300 458 423

Unique Health Products (National distribution)
Phone 1800 787 904

SA Spice/ Gfresh (South Australia distribution)
Phone: (08) 8240 5599

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